Client Information Confidentiality

RENFROE commits to keeping client information confidential. RENFROE will maintain sufficient logical and physical restrictions to ensure that client information held by RENFROE is reasonably protected against anticipated security or integrity threats or hazards. RENFROE will also properly dispose of client information in physical and electronic forms. RENFROE will notify its clients if there is a breach or violation of security or confidentiality of client information. Clients should ensure that all confidential information is submitted to RENFROE securely and encrypted. Clients should notify RENFROE of any identified breaches in security or confidentiality related to RENFROE information or RENFROE’s employees. Clients should maintain appropriate information security, data retention, and data destruction policies and procedures within their environments. RENFROE has no responsibility for the security or confidentiality of client information once it leaves RENFROE’s possession, custody, or control.