Multiline Claims Adjusting – Any Peril, Anywhere.

When you partner with E. A. Renfroe & Company®, you get access to thousands of experts with adjusting experience across all lines of business and virtually every peril known to the insurance industry. We know not every loss is the same, and some losses are more accurately or efficiently handled one way over another. Below are some of the ways RENFROE® adjusters are handling claims across various lines of business today.

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Property Claims Adjusting

From fires and pipe bursts to casualty and theft losses, our adjusters possess the knowledge and the tools to respond to any property claim. Just like anything else in the industry, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to property claims adjusting. That’s why we have more than one way to tackle the job.

Auto Claims Adjusting

Our Auto Claims division has experienced field and desk adjusters trained to estimate repair costs, negotiate settlements, and assess bodily injury claims. RENFROE Auto Claims adjusters are up to speed on the most common estimating platforms in the auto insurance industry, including Audatex, CCC, and Mitchell. This reduces the time needed to onboard our adjusters into your workflow.

Flood Claims Adjusting

Flood claims - whether Federally or privately insured - can be as challenging to navigate as the floodwaters themselves. Experienced in handling all manner of flood claims, most of our NFIP-certified flood adjusters are located within hours of coastal and flood-prone areas. Whether you need temporary staffing for catastrophes and claims overflow, or you’re looking for a partner to handle your entire flood business, RENFROE can help.

Adjusters on Demand®

Sometimes claims can’t wait, and we get that. That’s why we’re proud to offer our clients on-demand through Adjusters on Demand program. Using our proprietary automated dispatch system, we rapidly provide participating carriers with experts on an ad hoc basis. Whether you need one file reviewer to fill in for a leave of absence, a dozen complex loss experts to respond to a gas explosion, or 200 adjusters to handle a natural disaster, you’ll get the right professionals at the right time.

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