Automated Quality Assurance for
Insurance Claims

Leverage the power of AI to lower claims overhead and improve accuracy – all while reducing cycle times.

The insurance industry’s claims review process is inefficient, costly, and error-prone, which is why only a fraction of claims completed today are given a secondary review. RENFROE®, the insurance industry’s leading claims solutions provider, has changed that with ClaimSentinel™, our claims quality assurance (“QA”) platform. ClaimSentinel leverages machine learning to apply RENFROE’s three decades of claims-handling knowledge to the QA process, reviewing claims in seconds instead of days.

Carriers count on ClaimSentinel to provide consistent, thorough, and highly accurate review of every claim in their workflow. Complex claims or claims with inconsistencies are automatically flagged for further review by an experienced QA specialist, drastically reducing their workload. ClaimSentinel also detects error patterns and mistakes that most human reviewers miss or cannot pick up. Best of all, ClaimSentinel QA data is returned to the carrier through a governed feedback loop to assist in improving operational and claims handling performance.

We are currently beta testing ClaimSentinel with a select group of partners.

If you would like to test ClaimSentinel in your workflow please provide your contact information below, and we will contact you with further information