R&D Data Scientist

The R&D Data Scientist collaborates with cross-functional teams to ideate, develop, and deliver AI-driven software products. The role leverages scalable SOTA AI/ML methodologies for different modalities and use-cases to drive innovation and expand the company’s capabilities in technological advancements and relies on proficiency in building machine learning models, ML frameworks (TensorFlow, PyTorch), data visualization, Python, R, SQL, and strong experience with Azure Data Services.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Design and implement AI/ML models for a variety of business applications, focusing on innovative solutions that address key operational challenges in the insurance industry
  • Work in tandem with peer AI/ML Research Scientists to translate advanced AI research into prod-ready solutions that can be integrated into the company’s product offerings by the engineering team
  • Leverage Azure MLOps technology stack to design and implement scalable AI/ML Proof-of-Concept to address business challenges
  • Be a core contributor to researching ideas with the goal of expanding the company’s AI-driven product offerings

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Master’s degree in Computer Science, or related fields
  • 3-5 years in AI with a focus on Azure-based solutions
  • Extensive experience building AI/ML models for either computer vision or NLP (LLMs) applications, data visualization, and utility of Azure Data Services
  • Insurance industry experience, particularly with data privacy and regulatory