AccuGuard™ Estimate Review and Audit

Reduce Overpayments and Minimize Audit Risk

Whether you need an independent party to review estimates for accuracy in real time, want an assessment of your audit risk, or you need immediate audit support for an inquiry from a regulatory body, you can count on AccuGuard by RENFROE®. Our experienced team will help you identify errors, reduce overpayments and underpayments, and minimize scope creep. AccuGuard helps carriers ensure their estimates - whether created in-house or by a third-party - are fair, accurate, and compliant with all state and federal requirements.

How it Works

Once RENFROE receives an estimate for review, we assign it to the appropriate reviewer based on the type and complexity of loss within 12 hours. Our expert will conduct their review and issue a report within 48 hours. The report will contain any findings and the reviewer's recommendation for how to proceed with the claim. In the event that you need to have large batches of claims estimates audited, your RENFROE representative will help scope the requirements and establish an estimated timeline.

Key Advantages

  • Reduce Costs: By identifying overpayments, scope creep, and flagging overbilled vendor expenses in a timely and efficient manner, AccuGuard helps you reduce claims costs.
  • Fairness: Nothing is more important in this business than holding on to your policyholders’ trust. An improperly-scoped or underpaid claim can erode that trust in a beat. When you have your estimates checked with AccuGuard, you can be sure that you’re settling claims fairly, keeping your customers’ trust and retaining their business.
  • Minimize Audit Risk: When you have RENFROE experts review your estimates, you add an additional safeguard against audit exposure. Our reviewers help identify errors, gross underpayments and compliance violations.

Reduce Costs and Protect Your Business with AccuGuard

You can count on RENFROE's claims experts to provide thorough independent review and audit of your estimates. If you're short on internal resources or your existing third-party estimate review firm isn't getting you the results you need, look no further than AccuGuard from RENFROE. Ready to learn more? Let's talk! Complete the form below and we'll be in touch soon.

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