RENFROE supports our employees from Worksite to Website®. On each project, we provide our employees with a team of trainers and managers who coach and mentor them, reinforce client expectations and policy, and maintain a direct line to RENFROE's Home Office.

Employees also have access to RENFROE's Portal, a personalized employee platform that provides 24/7 access to real-time information and developmental materials. They have access to all the tools and materials they need to provide our clients and their customers with the highest possible level of customer-centric service. Employees can upload their licensing documentation, update their profile and deployment availability, and check in or out of a project via the RENFROE Portal in just minutes. RENFROE's Home Office also supports our employees by being a source of knowledge for development, licensing, documentation completion, and any other work site or RENFROE Portal-related questions that employees may have.