Adjusters on Demand® - Innovators in Virtual Claim Handling

When your business experiences unexpected workforce constraints, you can rely on RENFROE’s battle-tested virtual claims capabilities to help you navigate the uncertainty. Whether you need to stand up a virtual claim handling center for a major catastrophe, or you simply need a small team of experienced field adjusters to handle claims during a minor staffing shortage, we can provide a custom solution for you.


Claims Intake and Workflow Management

For needs ranging from first-notice-of-loss triage to claim settlement and everything in between, RENFROE can build the workflows and provide the resources to solve your problems.  We use the latest technology to:

  • allow the policyholder to collect and add basic information about the loss to the claim file,
  • communicate with our claims triage specialists through an omnichannel communication platform,
  • provide back-office support through physical or virtual call centers,
  • facilitate claims processing and settlement by RENFROE’s experienced workforce of professional adjusters, and
  • provide real-time reporting on claims status to the policyholder and the client.

We are experts in all claim handling software and capable of integrating seamlessly with your existing workflows. We deploy teams to client facilities, facilities managed by RENFROE, and virtually.


RENFROE Virtual Toolkit

RENFROE’s Virtual Adjusting Toolkit accelerates the claim handling and claim closure process by putting the latest technology in the hands of our experienced adjusters and your policyholders.  Using a suite of proprietary and off-the-shelf software tools, RENFROE can drastically reduce the time spent to adjust a claim by handling some or all of the claim without the need for a physical inspection.  If a physical inspection is required, the Virtual Adjusting Toolkit will assist our skilled adjusters in quickly and accurately closing the claim.


RENFROE’s virtual claim handling process improves policyholder satisfaction, reduces carrier costs, and ensures continuity of service during staffing shortages or catastrophes. RENFROE is ready to provide a customized virtual solution to solve the needs of your business.