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2003 Cedar Fire, California: 280,278 acres
Largest recorded fire in California history burned 2,232 homes and killed 15 in San Diego County. Simultaneous with 15 other fires in Southern California (including the Old Fire) covering 721,791 acres (292,098 ha), killing 24, displacing 120,000 people and destroying 3,640 homes. Damage from combined fires estimated at 2 billion USD

2007 Zaca Fire, California: 240,207 acres
The blaze was started July 4 by sparks from water pipe repair equipment. The fire had a containment cost of $117 million. It was contained on September 2. It is California's second largest recorded fire.

California Fires of October 2007: 500,000 acres
A series of wildfires that killed 9 people and injured 85 (including 61 firefighters). Burned at least 1,500 homes from the Santa Barbara County to the U.S.-Mexico border. Aggravated by Santa Ana winds that reached up to 85 mph (140 km/h). The largest fire, the Witch (Creek), was located in San Diego county.

Summer 2008 California Fires: 1,557,293 acres
In Northern California, the fires were mostly started by lightning. In Southern California, Santa Barbara, the Gap fire endangered homes and lives. The Basin Complex and Gap fire were the highest priority fires in the state at the time. They were responsible for unhealthy air quality in large parts of California for several weeks. Close to Yosemite, the Telegraph Fire consumed more than 9000 acres a day before ending on August 2, 2008.

2009 The Station Fire, California: 160,577 acres
Currently the 10th largest in state history with 209 structures / 89 homes destroyed.

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